On Your Life Report Card, Strive for Straight Fs

Letter Forget what you’ve been taught. When reviewing the report card of your life, if you don’t have all Fs, then you have failed miserably!

In my book, Fall In Love with the Struggle, I discuss my school grades–far from impressive to say the least. It was a true source of shame for me. So when I say that a successful life report card consists of all F’s, I don’t say it lightly. Over the last year, many of you have read my blog of change. Last April, I went on my 30 days fast from television and things have not been the same. My publishing business has seen continuous business and my mind has been revolutionized. But within the last 45 days, I have been elevated to a new dimension. I have learned the art of owning my life and deciding for myself what I want it to be.

It is with that new dimension of thought that I have set on a trek to become a millionaire before the age of 40– not just for the money, but as Jim Rohn says, “for what it will make of me.” Money will come and go, but the person who understands the order of wealth and prosperity (Man, I’m going to have to blog on that) will always succeed. So how does this relate to a life report card of straight F’s?

If you want a successful life, it must consist of the 5 Fs:

1. Faith: I am a Christian, and my beliefs and conviction is that through Jesus Christ, all things are possible. I believe that before you can have a prosperous life, you must first have a strong foundational faith in God, in His Son, and in His plan for your life. After that, you must have an absolute faith in the power that God has given you, understanding that in the vastness of this great universe that God has created, YOU have a role to play.

2. Family: After your relationship with God, you must fortify and protect your family relationship. If you have a spouse and children, it must take a back door to nothing and no one but God. And you can believe God does things in order. We work so hard to learn everything else but how to have a fruitful and productive family life. If you are missing this F, you are missing the entire point.

3. Fitness: What’s life without health. What good is $1 million in the bank if I’m confined to a bed in the hospital or in my home. Fitness is a must. If you are not taking care of your temple, you are establishing a road to ultimate demise. Eat healthier foods, spend 30 minutes per day performing some kind of exercise, drink more water, and reduce your sugar and fat intake. We are living unhealthy lives for no reason at all. As I have reduced my intake of refined sugar by almost 98%, I am finding that naturally sweet foods taste sweeter. I used to dump at least a half cup of sugar on my Raisin Bran. Now, it is sweet enough as is.

4. Finance: Take control of your financial life through goal setting, financial stewardship, debt reduction, investing, and saving. We must leave an inheritance for our youth. Side note: stop depending on a lucky day when “my boat comes in”. You make the change now by creating a new reality of saving and stewardship.

5. Friends: Friends are important, but in the proper priority. Cherish good friendships, and be very careful about who you allow in your “friendship” circle. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. Average the income of your 5 closest friends and you’ll find your average income. Think about that.

Some people may add F for Fun. However, when you have these 5 Fs in your life…. believe me, you’re going to have a whole lot of fun.

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Your Creativity is God-like

I started my day with a few pages of a book by Glenn Bland entitled: Success! The Glenn Bland Method. I’m reading it for the second time, and loe and behold, I find within the first 20 pages AMAZING text that has not been underscored by pen; meaning, I didn’t find it important the first time. How could this be?…


On page 17, the section is titled, “You Must Take the ‘Can’t’ Out of Your Life.” He goes on to list a number of quoted nay-sayers concerning the possibilities of electric light, airplanes, space travel, etc. Then he writes: “One of the most important and basic natural laws of the universe: ‘Anything you can think of and believe in, you can achieve!'”

In my series blog “The Alphabets of Achievement pt. 5” I asked the question, “What Makes You Like God?” My epiphany was that humanity is not made in God’s image because we have fingers, toes, arms and face. That may or may not be the case; but what really makes us like God is that we are the ONLY creation that can create original thoughts, and these formless thoughts can produce tangible results. Every other animal can learn and adjust thought, but they don’t “create” formless ideas.

Thus if we have this power to create formless thought that can be manifest into tangible results, why are so few people achieving the greatness that is embedded in all of us?

I’m sure there are more, but for time and brevity, here are three reasons I believe we stop short at achieving and how to overcome them.

Fear of Failure:

This is absolutely the primary cause of all under achievement. People fear pursuing ideas because they don’t want to fail. But do you realize the fact that an original idea popped into your brain is evidence of your god-like power. So if God gave you the power to think a formless idea, He also gave you the same power He has to manifest that idea.

Don’t be afraid to pursue because the pursuit guarantees success. I’ll write that again! Your pursuit of the thought is the guarantee of its success. THE ONLY REASON PEOPLE FAIL IS BECAUSE THEY STOP PURSUIT. Why do we stop pursuit?


We put timelines on success. We presume it will take too long to achieve, or we become discouraged if success doesn’t come in the time in which we want it.  So we give up on our thoughts and ideas. There is no timeline on success. Yes, some people sprint, some people jog, and some people walk, but each will pass the finish line if they keep taking 1 step at a time.  Don’t confine your success to a stop watch.

Fear of Suffering:

Whenever you pursue greatness, there will be degree of suffering. Napoleon Hill said that of the greatest men he studied, they were all great in accordance with the degree that they had been challenged. It’s easy to live on the greatness of others. I can easily seek to work for the great Bill Gates and prosper from the empire that he built by pursuing and manifesting his “formless thought”. I may have to work hard to reach the highest levels of administration, but yet, I’m still coasting on his success. But the challenge is building my own empire to rival his.

In the book, The Alchemist, there was a most wonderful quote which said, “The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.” President Franklin Roosevelt said, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” and Jesus said, “Fear not, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Embrace the finality of this statement, “If you can think it, you can achieve it.” This is not an inspirational suggestion. This is a LAW. If the thought comes to your mind, it is ONLY because you can achieve it. If you were not able to achieve it, the thought would have been given to someone else.

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Are Your Thoughts Destroying Your Chances for Success? The Alphabets of Achievement pt 6

How do you feel about your goals? If you’re like me you’ve probably battled the up and downs. Some days you’re on the mountain-top and sometimes the valley low. This week’s Alphabets of Achievement are the letters O,P,Q. Optimistically,Progress, Quickly. In deed you can’t have one without the other. There must be an optimistic attitude to achieve progress, and progress is a conduit for optimism.

The challenges of optimism are many. Doubts, fears, life’s realities, set backs and dissapointments all vie for space in your spirit. Thus it is important to understand that optimism is not a state of being, but instead an action. Optimism is a precious commodity that you must protect. Don’t let anyone take your optimism. It is critical to your progress.

Here are three ways to retain your optimism:
1. Stay focused on your goals. The only way to stear clear of the negative is to look only at the positive. Negative and positive can never occupy the same space. Stop thinking about the “what ifs” and possible problems ahead. Only focus on the positive results you wish to see. Henry Ford is quoted as saying that there is nothing he wanted in life that he could not get easily. Ford said that whenever he had a need, he focused his attention on the “can do”. There is always something that “CAN” be done about any situation. And you will find that what you thought was a dead end, was nothing more than a bend that leads further on.

2. Encourage Others. Helping someone else is the surest way to get what you need. Sometimes being so close to your problems prevents your from seeing the plain and simple answers. Take some time to focus on the needs of others and I guarantee you that you will begin to see how truly blessed you are.

3. Lastly you need to make progress quickly. You have to make some progressive steps toward the attainment of your goals and do it as quickly as you accurately can. Don’t confuse this with rushing, but you are to move as quickly as you can toward the attainment of your goal. DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Your window of opportunity may be passing as we speak. If there is something you know you need to do, get on it. The quicker you see successful efforts the more optimistic you will be about your goals.

Maintain your optimism by progressing quickly.

Inspire, Empower, Produce!

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Make People ABSOULUTELY LOVE You!: Alphabets of Achievement pt. 3

Let me ask you a question. What is success without someone with whom to share it? Now, when I ask this question, I know the mind usually goes straight to romance, but even more than romance we have to understand success on a universal level. No man/woman can achieve any level of success without the help of others, and people won’t help you if they don’t like you

This week’s alphabets of Achievement are G, H, I.

Gratefulness, Humility, and Integrity. Within these qualities are the keys to human relations without which success is impossible.


Brian Tracy said in his seminar “The Psychology of Achievement” that he could travel the world around and get anything he wanted with two expressions: “Please,” and “Than you”. He said where ever you go in the entire world, learn those words and people will give you everything you want.

Everyone likes to be praised. It is a fact. When people are made to feel special, then they go out of their ways to ensure that they can receive that gratitude again.

I once worked with an individual who was a magician. Now we all know magicians do not reveal their tricks to ANYONE. He would show his illusions around the office to the skepticism of his chosen audience. “That’s not real. Let me see the coin!” They would challenge. “Show me your pockets!” “Let me see the cards. I bet they’re all the same!”

To this, he would walk off. However, when he came to me, I would celebrate the trick. I wouldn’t challenge him and seek to prove that it was an illusion– of course it was an illusion! Instead, I genuinely appreciated the entertainment. Before I knew it, this magician was coming to me daily with some new trick he had learned; and then taking me to the side to show me how to do it for myself. He then began to give me packs of trick cards and coins.

I did not ask for any magic lessons. I didn’t ask for any trick cards. I simply showed a sincere gratitude for his passion and he promptly went out of his way to get that appreciation in a greater degree each day.

CEOs, Office managers, moms, dads, and children, imagine if you utilized that same method in human relations. Seek to be sincerely grateful to your subordinates, co-workers and friends and see how they will flock to your side and go the extra mile to see you succeed.


What was the very first sin? Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, right? Wrong. Long before Adam and Eve were created there was a beautiful, magnificent Arch Angel–the Bible called him the Angel of Light, but we know him as Lucifer. Lucifer had gotten so full of himself, of his beauty and his God-given powers that he decided that he wanted to take God’s place. For this sin of pride, he was cast from heaven.

Pride is a despicable characteristic. Not even God can stand being around a prideful, haughty person. Pride esteems itself over others in a destructive manner. When you make people feel belittled by looking down your nose at them, they will apply that same energy they use to get praise, to get away from you.

Don’t confuse confidence with pride because the two are polar opposites. I explain in my book that “Confidence is an understanding of self in relation with others. Pride is a boasting of self in comparison to others.”


A strong sense of personal integrity is critical to any successful person. Some people define integrity as what you do when people are not watching you. A person with integrity will always gain the trust of others. Integrity doesn’t always mean having the greatest or most magnetic personality, but it means being true to others, and always true to yourself.

Integrity is actually not a very hard characteristic to develop. It’s simple. Spike Lee said it like this: “Do the Right Thing.” When you do right to yourself, then you’ll do right to others; and according to the law of reciprocity– in return, people will do right by you.

Inspire, Empower, Produce!

Why Faith Doesn’t Work….? The Alphabets of Achievement pt. 2

Last week, I discussed how the Pass code to get everything you wanted was found in the letters ABCD: Absolute Belief, Concentration, and Determination. This week we’ll move right on down the Alphabet with the letters E & F.

Within the letters E and F we find the fuel to our vehicle of achievement: Energized Faith.

Now, Energized Faith has a dual meaning, both of which are critical to your success.

First of all, Energized Faith is an active faith. Are you “believing for a change”? I know for a long time I had faith for a new job; I had faith for new clients to write books, I had faith for more money, debt freedom, and so much more. But I was missing a very critical aspect of that “faith.” My faith was stagnant; sitting passively waiting.

I was losing the faith because I was not using the faith. In the Bible, the book of Hebrews states “Faith is substance… and.. evidence” (11:1). These words represent tangibility and the materialization of things.

Eureka! I finally get it! Faith is not abstract belief. Faith is applied energy. Faith is action! Napoleon Hill defined Faith as “nothing more” than “guidance”. No one is guided unless they are putting forth the energy to follow. Faith shows you what God has for you. Applied Action energizes that belief to attain it. Are you putting any energy to your faith? If not then James 2:20 states your faith– without works–is “dead”… (useless, decaying, a lost idea).

If you have an ambition, no matter how big or small, energize your faith right now. Pause from reading this blog, grab a piece of paper and write down 3 action steps to achieve that goal (You already know what they are. Stop being intimidated). Re-read last week’s blog to learn how to saturate your mind with the achievement of those three action points.

Secondly, Energized faith refers to the natural energy. The two most powerful resources in this entire universe are also the most overlooked: Your health and your mind. These two resources are also the most important of God’s gifts. Riches and fame to a man dying in a hospital bed mean nothing. Riches and fame to a man who has not developed his mind means imminent disaster.

Have you ever considered that exercising is an act of faith?

When you exercise, you are actively energizing the two most important resources for your achievement. When you exercise, you tell God you understand that this vehicle we call the body is a gift and without it we cannot achieve our goals. Therefore, we exercise it in faith that it can and will perform any task set before it.

Make the Commitment

Make faith work for you by working for it. Make the commitment not to let one day go by without taking one progressive step toward your ultimate desire. Don’t let your belief become a decaying corpse of an idea because you didn’t energize it with action.

Make the commitment to take care of the most important resource God has given you with exercise. Remember, your boss can take your job, the IRS can take your money, thieves can take your goods, but only you can lose your health. You don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. Fitness America, a six-pack for abs and biceps the size of boulders. But just commit to at least 30 minutes of moderate to high impact exercise per day.

As I write, I’ll admit to you that this week has been a challenging one. I have more cracks to seal to stop the leaks of discouragement. But my determination is to take one more step. Take that step with me!

Inspire, Empower, Produce!

The Passcode to Having Anything You Want: A-B-C-D

If there were a door that led to boundless possibilities, utter joy, happiness, and wellbeing, would you go through it?

Well there is such a door, and sadly, although it is as big as the heavens and open for anyone, very few pass the corridor because they don’t know the passcode.

The passcode is simple. In fact, we learned it in Kindergarten. Sing along! A-B-C-D. That’s right, it is the first four letters of the alphabet. What does A-B-C-D stand for?


Absolute Belief, Concentration, and Determination

For 34 years and 8 months I lived with the notion that only certain “special” people could achieve high levels of success. You know those people; the ones who seem to achieve every goal they set. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold. I have believed for so long that I have been “realistic.” That I understood my limitations. How wrong I was, and if you believe as I did, I have great news for you. You are absolutely wrong!

With the “passcode”, I have come to realize that NOTHING is impossible. Whatever I set within my heart and spirit to do– as long as it keeps with will of God, the laws of natures, and benefits myself and my fellow man, it is mine for the taking.

Absolute Belief:

The first step to having true, unbridled success is Absolute belief.

NOT just “belief”, but absolute belief. What’s the difference? We believe texting while driving is dangerous and could have fatal consequences, yet we still do it. However, we absolutely believe jumping in front of a speeding car will be fatal so we look both ways before crossing the road.

Belief alone is weak and subject to the strongest desire. Absolute belief transcends desire and becomes a part of your core–your character. It determines your behavior.

You must absolutely believe that the object of your desire is within your reach, that you are worthy to obtain that desire, and that your efforts will render you that desire. There must be no speck of doubt about this, and that absolute belief will carry you to that goal.

But this belief does not come without effort. To obtain this absolute belief, you must commit to…


The only way you can obtain absolute belief is through concentration. You have got to focus on your goals daily by doing the following:

1. Writing your goals and objectives and reading them daily.

2. Verbally repeating your goals with enthusiasm.

3. Listening to audio that relates to that which you want to achieve.

4. Reading books about the same.

This concentration strengthens your resolve, it reaffirms your mission, and equips you with the knowledge you need to perform. I have found that it also opens my eyes to opportunities and creates within me a self-reliance that I have never known. Self-reliance is crucial to success because, lastly, you will need …..


Now here’s the tricky part. This is where most people lose the fight. When you build your absolute belief through concentration, you will then need determination. I did not say that the “passcode” would make the voyage easy. I didn’t say that everyone would be happy for your success. And I definitely didn’t say people won’t try to stop you. But determination pushes you beyond the hurdles, obstacles and setbacks and causes you to take yet another another step towards your goal. And as long as you keep taking forward steps, you will always be moving closer to the finish line.

Some people may sprint to the finish line, some jog, and some walk, but what they all have in common is that each of them took one step at a time..  (Pause and think about that).

You may not get there as quickly as others, and you may have some setbacks along the way, but as long as you are determined to take one more step, there is nothing that can stop you.

Go ahead and type in the passcode A-B-C-D.  Employ Absolute belief, Concentration, and Determination and everything you’ve ever wanted will be waiting behind the door!

Inspire, Empower, Produce!

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